A smarter way to train.

CATZ Coach
Why become a CATZ Coach?
CATZ Coaches become life-long learners looking to constantly improve the experience they bring to their athletes.
CATZ Coaches learn to integrate the CATZ sports performance training program into their practices. They bring our smart training program to their team, school, club, or community.
CATZ Coaches understand the training is effective, simple, and affordable. It works. Their athletes are engaged. The training is safe and can be done virtually anywhere.
CATZ Coaches join a community of dedicated coaches who appreciate the importance of developing athleticism as they build their team.
Option 1 – On-Line Training
Take our on-line course designed to give you a basic understanding of the CATZ exercises, training methodology, and philosophy as you begin your journey as a CATZ Coach.
You will learn to structure your training environment in a way that encourages intrinsic motivation and delivers results.

The on-line course will teach you how to utilize the tools available on the CATZCoach website including hundreds of exercise videos, training programs by sport, the CATZ workout generator, and the CATZ Knowledge Center. Through a combination of presentations, video-instruction by the founder, Jim Liston, and a bibliography of suggested readings, you will be prepared to start coaching with your CATZ Level 1 Certification.
CATZCoach On-line Training Program Under Development
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Option 2 – On-Site Training
The on-site class is 2 1/2 days of intensive training where we help you master your delivery of the CATZ sports performance training program under the tutelage of some of the best coaches in the industry. The classes are an interactive combination of workshops, lectures, discussions, and role-playing. You will have an opportunity to put your newly found knowledge into practice. Come with questions…we will work to find answers.

Prior to attending the on-site class you will receive access to some preliminary reading to put you in the right mindset for the training. We will also give you access to our exercise database so you can become familiar with the CATZ exercises you will be working with during the on-site class.

At the completion of the on-site course you will receive your CATZ Level 1 Certification.
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Welcome to the CATZ Team. CATZ coaches raise the level of athleticism of their players by using our proven CATZ sports performance training system.
Here is what Team Members get:
Unlimited access to hundreds of exercise videos and an archival library of CATZ Daily Training Sessions. You can utilize pre-packaged training programs or easily create your own.
Access to our online community, forums, and CATZ founder Jim Liston, to continue the dialogue with other equally dedicated and passionate coaches.
24 complete workout programs by sport or specialty that can be used to train athletes in the off-season or pre-season.
Access to the CATZ Knowledge Center hosting articles, video, and other relevant content to develop your mastery as a coach.
Our Focus 15 training sessions that can be utilized at the beginning, middle, or end of your practices. Each is a 15-min workout that focuses on Speed/Quickness, Conditioning, Agility, Mobility, Power, or Regeneration.
Invitation to our annual CATZ Coach Conference where you can continue to enhance your education and learn how other coaches are utilizing the CATZ program.
The CATZ proprietary Workout Generator - a tool to easily develop your own customized training programs accessing our video library and content.
Use of the CATZ brand to identify yourself as part of the movement. Welcome to the revolution: smart training.
The ability to direct your athletes to the CATZCoach website so they can access complete, sport specific, video-based workouts for their off-season training (for a fee).